West Bengal Secondary Examination Paper Leaked

exam cheating
exam cheating

The West Bengal Secondary Examination or 10th Standard examination is started on 12th February. The first day exam was 1st Paper – Bengali. The paper was leaked within the first half hour of starting the exam. Having a tight security how its possible – its the question.

As per the Secondary Examination Board the teacher and non teaching stuffs are not allowed to carry mobile phone in exam hall. Only the exam in charge can carry the phone. The question paper is opened by the board’s instructions before 20 mins of exam. That means the exam starting time is 12 pm. Hence the question bundle gets distributed to the teachers at 11.40 am. The question paper gets viral on the Internet as well as social media.

Therefore how it is possible to leak the paper within first half hour. Also no students is allowed for toilet within first hour. Then the board is assuming that the paper was leaked by teachers or non teaching stuffs.

West Bengal Secondary Examination 2nd Day

It was the scenario of the first day examination. The next day was 2nd paper English exam. Again the same thing happened. The English language paper was also leaked. How these things going on – the Education Minister has raised his voice. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has instructed earlier to make the exam with full security. But they really disappointed with these kind of things. Also they have tight security with policemen.

Mr. Partha Chatterjee, the minister of education has claimed the investigation of questions paper out. Its not the first time that West Bengal Secondary Examination paper out. Its happen each year when exam is scheduled. For this reason the board has makes their instructions very tough. But still same kinds paper out making the board puzzled. Also after these two day’s incident the board has taken some necessary steps to stop it.

Its really true that a secondary examination student will never be allowed for toilet within an hour. Then how the questions gets leaked – its making the voice of people. Depending upon the two incidents the police security and not allowing phone is strongly recommended by the board. According to the board the question paper is not so tough to answer. Completing a full year with study the student should answer few questions to pass at least. Otherwise the paper out incident will not help the pupils to score good marks. What will happen in future of the students if they passed this exam.


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