WB Digital Ration Card Information Download

ration card
ration card

Wb digital ration card information download process is here. In this article we will discuss how to download West Bengal digital ration card. All ration holders in West Bengal have to download WB Digital ration card.

The ration card can be obtained from food and supplies department of WB government. Ration card status checking is also there for the people and dealer as well.

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Nowadays digital ration card is always required in all Indian state. It helps to get the proper amount of goods from ration dealer. In case of non digital ration card the ration amount may get deducted.

WB Digital Ration Card

The government wants to keep their eyes on dealers to avoid excessive loses. People can get same facilities with this digital card. It will make all the process faster. WB digital ration card for all the eligible ration holder in WB.

Central government has brings the rule to make the ration card digital.

If you’re from West Bengal then follow the steps given below. It will help you to get the digital ration card information.

  • Visit official website of Foods and Supplies department.
  • Click on reports on NFSA from menu.
  • Click on View ration count.
  • Visit this website and click on your district in West Bengal.
  • New page will appears with block list.
  • Choose the block from block list.
  • Select the ration dealer name.
  • Search the ration card from all the pages.

There are lot of people who don’t get the digital card till now. Central government has makes the digital card mandatory for ration.

Digital ration card information will help you to check digital ration card status. People are less amount of ration with the non digital ration card. Therefore digital ration card is important for ration purposes.

Candidate can also check ration card with their details. The name and address are required to find out the ratio card. Click here to find digital ration card with details.

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Actually the official website of digital ration card is not developed well. So candidates are requested to check with the proper process.

Digital ration cards are connected with Aadhar card. The government makes this rule mandatory to save lot of moneys from corruption. It will definitely help them to find out eligible candidates for ration only.



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