Statue of Unity Shocking Earnings Revealed

statue of unity
statue of unity

Few days before in Gujarat the world’s tallest statue was inaugurated by Modi. The prime minister inaugurated the statue in behave of Sardar Ballavbhai Patel. The statue is situated in the river bank of Narmada river. The 182 meter tallest statue is making the visitor curious. Hence the earnings of Statue of Unity gets increased day after day.

The statue has different categorized ticket. That means for adult people and child has different tickets. The whole statue can be seen with a minimum price of 350 rupees. For a child the price is less than 200 rupees. The people from different states and country are coming to visit the statue. Due to maintenance of the Statue of Unity is closed for visitors on every Monday. The ticketing process is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The entry timing is 7.30 am to 5 pm. Its really a very lovely place to visit. The entry ticketing process gets closed after 4.30 pm.

Statue of Unity Earnings

In a recent report the earnings of Statue of Unity found 20 crores rupees profitable in last three months. It is earnings excluding the maintaining stuff and other dispenses. The Statue of Unity earnings is greater than any other tourist spot in India. More than ten thousand people are visiting to know the historic and academic reason behind the statue.

In previous years when the statue was not there the Gujarat tourism’s total visitor was almost 8 lacs per annum. But after the inaugural function of this statue the visitors gets few times multiplied. Not only from India but also the foreigners are coming everyday. They are being knowledgeable to the history of India. It is really a proud to have world’s tallest statue in India.

Sardar Ballavbhai Patel won over the British at that time. Now our honourable prime minister Naredra Modi makes the statue in his historical memory. We are the countrymen really appreciate the opportunity we are getting nowadays. We have the Statue of Unity to visit. One of the most important thing is that it is in India. We don’t have to go any foreign country to see the world’s tallest statue.

The Statue of Unity is making the India proud in the globe. There lots of lovely things which will definitely motivate you to know more about Ballavbhai. The Statue of Unity earnings is helping Gujarat and India as well.

Lots of mind attractive things are in Statue of Unity. Those things will make your money worthwhile hundred percent. Also lots of implementation is going on there. The ‘Nouka Bihar’ is also one the project in Statue of Unity. It is still in progress. It is being expected that it will attract more visitors in future.

Therefore the earnings also may gets increased. Still the present earnings of the Statue of Unity is really very shocking. If you are from India must visit the statue at least once in whole life. I hope it really make you memorable.


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