Top 10 Best Scholarship in West Bengal

top 10 scholarship
top 10 scholarship

Scholarship is a big interesting gift for the deserving candidates. Here is the list of top ten best scholarship in West Bengal. Know everything about Nabanna Scholarship, Bikash Bhavan Scholarship and Jindal Scholarship. Also know more scholarships here. Yes definitely these are top ten best scholarship in West Bengal.

Many students are getting more than 60% or 80% marks. Here is a list of scholarships according to the marks division.

Nabanna Scholarship

Nabanna Scholarship in West Bengal is very much popular. Also this scholarship is known as Chief Minister Relief Fund Scholarship. The scholarship is applicable for 10th and 12th standard.

Anyone having residential proof of West Bengal can apply for this scholarship. The 10th standard students securing more than 65% marks are eligible for this scholarship. Also the 12th standard students need to score more than 60% marks.

Eligibility Criteria

Total scholarship amount is ten thousand rupees. In case of an engineering student the amount may be more. Basically higher scholarship amount is given to the student who takes engineering or medical after 12th. The scholarship score range is more than 65% to less than 75%.

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If anyone having more than 75% marks will not be eligible for this scholarship. There is no last date. The applicant needs to collect all required testimonials to apply properly.

For more information you can watch the details video below for Nabanna Scholarship.

It is online and offline process. Still I’ll recommend you to go for offline process. There are lots of required testimonials. So if one of them you missed, you can add it later.

Click here to more about Nabanna Scholarship.

Application Process

Nabanna Scholarship needs MLA recommendation. The recommendation form will have signature and official seal of MLA. College or school admission receipt is also needful for the scholarship. Total amount of Nabanna scholarship is 10000 rupees.

Only honours students will get the Nabanna scholarship. Admission receipt means college admission or 11th class admission receipt is needful.

After submitting the application if money don’t reach to you within three months, visit Nabanna for a checking. The authority will verify again your application. If there are any issues they will tell you directly.

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Otherwise they may say to wait for few days or weeks. If you don’t visit Nabanna within 1 year of submitting your application, then your application may get rejected.

The Nabanna Authority will tell you to apply again. Hence it will very painful for any student. Therefore a good suggestion is to visit Nabanna after three months of submitting documents.

Bikash Bhavan Scholarship

Bikash Bhavan scholarship is for those students who have secured more than 75% marks. It is also for 10th and 12th standard. Anyone can apply online or offline. This scholarship is also known as Vivekananda Merit Cum Scholarship. Lots of students are getting this scholarship. Basically the 12th standard students are more in comparison.

Also this scholarship has no last date. It is necessary to apply with same academic year of passing. Otherwise the application may get rejected. The total amount of this scholarship is 12000 rupees.

Click here to know more about Bikash Bhavan Scholarship.

Jindal Scholarship

Sitaram Jindal Scholarship is of one the best scholarships in West Bengal. This scholarship is also known as Jindal Scholarship. It is very reputed scholarship in West Bengal.

Many students in West Bengal are getting the economical help with this scholarship. Actually this scholarship is for all the students in India.

After passing 10th standard or 12th standard anyone can apply for this scholarship. The basic requirement is 75% marks for boys. Also 70% marks needful for girls.

This scholarship is online based application process. The candidate can easily fill his/her details from home with an internet connection.

When you’re applying for the Jindal Scholarship keep ready all the required testimonials. You will get 500 rupees per month if your scholarship gets sanctioned. Suppose you are applying after passing 10th standard, you will get the 500 rupees per month in 11th standard.

Click here to know more about Jindal scholarship.

Also you will get more amount if you are physically handicapped. There is no last date for Jindal Scholarship. Application should be in passing academic year. That means if you passed in 2019 you should apply in 2019. Making your application late has no reason. Therefore apply for Jindal scholarship if you are eligible.

Needful Documents

Here is a complete list of all needful documents. These documents are very important for all the scholarship application process. Keep all the documents ready before submitting the application.

  • Original and Photocopy of all the marksheet and certificates
  • Family annual income certificate
  • Identity proof such as Aadhar card or Voter card
  • Admission Receipt
  • College or school identity card
  • Provisional certificate from school or college
  • MLA recommendation certificate
  • Self declaration form
  • Application form for Nabanna Scholarship and etc.

More Scholarships

Also there are few more scholarships available in West Bengal. These are HDFC Bank scholarship, Reliance Jio scholarship, Bigyani Kanya Medha Britti Scholarship and etc.

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So all the best for your career. Apply properly with the appropriate documents. Get the scholarship in your own bank account easily. Basically these three are the best and popular scholarship in West Bengal. Thank You!



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