PUBG Player Drinks Acid Instead of Water

pubg player
pubg player

Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds or PUBG is now very popular mobile game in India. The people who are already addicted to PUBG have no time to miss the game. The PUBG addiction is now most terrible fear in the parents eyes of young people. The scenario of this game is affecting the young generation of India. A boy lives in Madhya Pradesh drinks acid by mistake to play PUBG consistently. This is not the first time in India these type of incidents happening. PUBG player drinks acid instead of water so that he can play PUBG without being disturbed.

PUBG Mobile PC

Some young people are also searching the game on the internet with the term ‘PUBG Mobile PC’. That term express the game version for mobile or pc. Playing PUBG in mobile is really an awesome feeling. Also the PUBG game is fabulous in PC. PUBG mobile application has already rated 4.7 star in Google Play Store. Also the developer brings lot of updates for their user. The user friendly PUBG mobile makes the player addicted very faster.

PUBG Steam

There are few YouTubers who makes PUBG steam in YouTube live. Few channels are mainly based on PUBG steam. Also those channels are earning lot of money. The PUBG steam is very popular in Youtube for PUBG player. The new player gets the pro technique from those experienced PUBG player. They learns their each and every technique from YouTube PUBG steam.

PUBG Addiction

In recent days a man from Madhya Pradesh was so busy to play that he don’t look at the bottle. The bottle was full of Acid. He wanted to drink the water but he drunk the acid by mistake. Immediately the local people hospitalized him. After a long treatment he is in now stable condition.

Also few days back a man divorced his pregnant wife to play PUBG without her disturbing phenomena. In a recent programme “Pariksha Pe Charcha” a woman asked the Prime Minster mentioning the problem of his son. The Prime Minister asked the woman firstly whether her son is a PUBG Player or not.  Again the Prime Minister discussed the technology related to the game. Expressed the way of solution from PUBG addiction.

In Mumbai High Court the parents of the young generation case files to ban the PUBG game in India. Also lot of people from the different religion appeals to ban PUBG in India. PUBG becoming very addicted mobile game for most of the young people. The parents are raising their voice against their son.

PUBG Precaution

The Game is definitely good  but the precaution must be followed by the PUBG Player. These type of incident can takes the life of people. The happiness can be turns into the unhappiness with the addiction of this game. The people should remember about their love ones. They should keep their eyes open while playing PUBG to maintain the gaming addiction. First of care yourself and your family then play PUBG.



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