Modi Announced 3000 Rupees Pension Per Month


In recent badget of India, PM Modi announced 3000 rupees pension per month. This pension will be benefitted to the labour people. The scheme name Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojona. In previous years a Government employee never feel tensed financially. When they works they get paid. When they gets retire they gets pension. But from now onwards the labour people will also get pension after sixty.

Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has confirmed this pension scheme in 2019 budget. On 1st February the scheme got placed in Government. The pension scheme launched by the minister Pijush Goyel.

How To Apply For This Scheme

To get this scheme profitable the candidates age must be between 18 to 40 years. The candidate have to deposits 100 rupees per month. The Government will also deposit same amount of money in candidates’ account. The candidate have to deposit 100 rupees per month till sixty years age. The people can enlist their names from 18 years. After completing the sixty years age the candidate will get 3000 rupees pension per month.

The labour’s monthly income must be less than 15000 rupees. Then only then can enlist their names in this scheme. Lots of implementation is left with this project. Therefore how you can enlist your name in this project is not announced. All the necessary tasks will be started from 15th February 2019. After complete implementation the people can enlist their names. No caste will divide the scheme. That means all the caste categories will get this pension.

Modi Pension Project Consideration

Its really considerable that the prime minister Modi brings a great project for his countrymen. There lots of people who does not able to earn money after sixty. Being old they feel financial crisis. Therefore after this project it will really help those people. The Government is always finding a new solution. PM Narendra Modi brings several project those are really very appreciated.

The Government estimated the number of the people who are going enlist their names. Almost 72 lacs people are there. Therefore its really a huge number. The candidate must be Indian citizen. They must have to show their original Government ID. The monthly income should be less than 15000 rupees. They have to submit the Income Certificate issued by Block Development Officer.

To get BDO Income Certificate, contact with Block Development Office. You can also generate BDO Income Certificate through online. The online BDO Income Certificate will also be allowed to get this facility. Arrange all the needed documents and enlist your name in near future.



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