Information is The Wealth Nowadays Explanation


Information is the thing which can change your way of earning. Different kind of information is valuable for making a database. Information is the wealth nowadays. For a particular person each and every information such as where he lives, where he goes etc  is valuable. There are lot of example of the company who are gathering information about people. These companies are taking the information from the people and increasing the size their database. Even people does not know how the company collecting information from them.

Facebook is the top ranker in that company’s list. Now anyone can ask that how Facebook is gathering the information of ours. Look, We are submitting our all the details to the Facebook day by day. Not only us but also the whole world. Our hometown, school, job place and many other things are being stored on Facebook by us. We are using Facebook to stay connected with our friends. Also to stay updated about what’s happening around us. Do you ever thought why Facebook is giving you such facilities in terms of free?

No. Well. We will discuss over here. Look, You are signing up on Facebook mentioning your birthday, school, college, hometown and even job place. Also sometimes you check in different locations to know your friend about your current location. These are things which being gathered on Facebook database. Not only you use Facebook but also the corporate people uses the Facebook. They wants to advertise their market with the help of Facebook. How they do? They take their money from them to show that advertise on Facebook.

It will never show you any things which does not match your search quires. In this way Facebook earns their bread and butter from you. How they all do this? They only uses your information. Your birthday is known to Facebook so they knows your age. According to age and your search quires they will show you advertisement. Also in this way they will help the advertiser to find that you have needs for that particular product. Gradually you become the customer from that advertiser.

In digital marketing there are nothing which costlier more than the information. The digital marketers knows that information is the key of their wealth. Lot of companies are making their database with information of the people. The people’s name, birthday (i.e. age), email and many other things they are collecting. Even some websites about money transaction they collects your bank details, debit or credit card details in their database.

In smartphone application there have location. While we are installing the app it takes some allowing notification. Your location is one of them. Your current location can be known from that app which is installed in your phone. One of the interesting thing is that you will never know where your location details is being transferred. The information like credit card details, bank details are very precious. Even the underworld people wants to buy this information in terms of billion.

While the user installing an app they should always install from trusted app store such as Google Play Store. Sometimes the user wants the premium version of a particular app in terms of free. Therefore the user install that from an unknown source. This makes the problem about your data security. As the data is yours so you should be aware about its security. Never install any app from a non trusted website. Also never fill your details in an unknown website. Never ever try to purchase anything from a fraud website. Try to check that the website is real. You can check review or comments in the website before making your judgement. Hope this article will help you to secure your information.



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