How to Score Good Marks in Exam


Getting good marks without study is not possible. Still there are lots of students who study well but result is not up to the mark. Scoring a good result can make your dreams come true. Here are the best tips on how to score good marks in exam.

Study Time Table

First of all the student needs to create a study time table. It will consist the chapter name to be completed within the deadline. Never forget a to set a deadline for any chapter. The study table deadline should be completed before two weeks of the exam. In that two weeks the student have to revise those chapter he has completed.

Control Yourself

There are lots of student who feels very tensed before the exam. Few students get puzzled to see a vast syllabus. Before the exam the student have to keep their mind free from everything. No pressure the no tension. Just complete the chapter according to the study time table and be prepared for exam.

Time Management

Keep your phone away while you’re studying. The Whatsapp and Facebook notification can ruin time valuable time. Choose the best time to study in twenty four hours. At the time of exam don’t waste time. Try to complete the answer keeping at least five minutes in your hand. From the beginning of the exam write in speed. Don’t waste time to share your answer with your friends in the exam hall. At the last five minutes of the exam recheck everything what you’ve written.

Exam Preparation

Keep ready previous five years questions paper. Check all the those questions. Think about the question sample and define the chapter. Get a basic idea about your question paper. Read the chapter clearly. No doubt should be in your mind. While you’re studying a chapter, complete it. Never open that chapter again in the study time table deadline.

Use Paragraph

In the answer sheet use paragraph to highlight the different cases. Using the paragraph the writings quality gets changed. The content must be very much focused to the question. Never answer in a single paragraph for a five marks question.


Try to have a good handwriting in your answer sheet. Actually the examines gets disturbed to see a bad handwriting. So try to write in clear as much as you can. Use a two ball pens – blue and black. Use one ball pen for heading and another ball pen for writings. It will attract the eyes of the examines.

Your Concentration

In the exam hall don’t look here and there. Try to complete your own answer sheet first. Never talk with your friends during the exam. It will really break your concentration. If the concentration of you gets broken you will spend more time to complete a single answer.

Your Tools

Take your tools for the exam like pencil, eraser, scale and pen. Never forget to take the admit and registration card. Get ready from the home and reach the exam centre keeping at least twenty minutes in your hand.



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