How To Get Job Through LinkedIn in Your City

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linked in

Nowadays people are very deserving to have a job. No one prefers the empty pocket. Everyone needs a job for earning the money. People need to work to afford own bread and butter. In this we will know how to get job through LinkedIn. The job recruitment notification is also there.


Here LinkedIn is a great way to search job according to the location of the candidate. Basically LinkedIn is job searching social media. Lots of people are using the app nowadays. There have two platforms for recruiter and candidate.

In our daily life we are getting lot of job news from different sources. LinkedIn is one of them. It helps the candidate to find out the latest recruitment around the city. The walking interview date and company’s information can be obtained from the LinkedIn easily.

People having a smartphone can easily install the LinkedIn official app. They need to sign up first time. After signing up the candidate can fill his own details such as qualification and extra curriculum activities.


The details should be visible to public. So that the recruiter may reach you though email or phone call. Also you can add your friends to LinkedIn. You may find some of your friends who are already using it. You can send invitation to them. Therefore you can chat with those people in the app.

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The messaging part is a great advantage in this app. The candidate can easily chat with the recruiter for any quires related to the Job. So definitely the messaging feature is going to help you more extra to find your dream job in an easy effort.

There have four main menus such as Home, Jobs, Network and Profile. In home menu you will get the recent job opening in your city according to your preferences. In Job menu, all the running job openings will be shown to you. Network menu basically works according to your friend circle. It is like their company’s job openings opportunity.

Job Posting

Also you can post lot of job notification using the compose button in home tab. If you are running any business you can post job vacancy with job description according to your needs. The app will definitely help you to find the suitable employee for your business. This is called Job Posting in LinkedIn.

You can advertise your Job to lot of people with money. The advertisement will be shown to more people to make engagement with your post. You can easily check Job insights or analysis of your own advertisement. Also LinkedIn has premium feature to get more job notification in your own city. For using the LinkedIn premium feature you need to spend some money.

Group is also there in LinkedIn. So you can make group with the LinkedIn official app. You may get one month free premium feature for new sign up bonus.

Career Building

When you’re creating your LinkedIn profile never forget to add career interest. This is best for your dream job. It may not be your dream company. Still it can give your dream job as per career interest.

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Also the Government Jobs notifications are available in LinkedIn. There are lots of people who are working for you and adding new job notification in each minute.

You can download LinkedIn official app from Google Play Store. Also you can download LinkedIn lite app from Google Play Store. The LinkedIn lite app works quite slow because of its less memory. Still if your phone running with less amount of storage you can use it.


If are looking for the job in your own city I’ll recommend you to try LinkedIn at least once. Just you need to build your LinkedIn profile with expanding details. Also you can search more jobs outside of your city. The suitable salary package may attract you from a different city job.

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Also I’m repeating don’t forget to add career interest in your profile. It will really help you. In your LinkedIn profile always add your address details to get more advantage of getting a job in your locality. After reading the article I think you can how to get job through LinkedIn.


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