Five HS Students Exam Cancelled Due To Mobile Cheating

exam cheating
exam cheating

The West Bengal Higher Secondary Examination started on 26th February in all over the West Bengal. The Council of Higher Secondary education has alert earlier the students not to seat with the mobile in exam. Still there are five students who got faced the teacher with mobile. The five students exam cancelled. As the West Bengal Madhyamik Exam paper was leaked each day the HS council has taken great steps against it.

They assembled the exam centre with a metal detector machine. Each student have to be entered through the machine. No bag will be allowed in the exam hall. No water bottle with labels were not be allowed. In the exam hall there was high security for the students this year.

Five Students Exam Cancelled

The students were appearing for Higher Secondary exam as per the exam schedule. Before going to the exam hall they keep their mobile with them secretly. They were also known that mobile is strictly prohibited in exam hall. Total five students had the mobile phone. All of the five students exam cancelled for HS exam. The council has said the registration and exam will be cancelled if they found mobile with any student.

The four students were Malda in West Bengal. Another one student was from Howarh District in West Bengal. The exam hall teachers immediately contact with Higher Secondary council. The council ordered them to dismiss the exam instantly. The Higher Secondary council were taken lot of step to stop cheating in the exam hall. The question paper leakage incident of Madhyamik makes them more conscious. In the first day no paper leakage news has came out during the exam. Everything was in good manner.

The weather was not with student in the first day of the examination. After an hour of the exam the rain started. The exam hall becomes more darker. Some of the schools were affected by the load shedding. Therefore the students faced problem only due to the weather. In Barracpore the students completed their exam with light of candle. It is expected that the weather being more cure in the coming exam day. Therefore may be this type problem will not be there. Still again and again the council warning all the students not to seat with mobile phone in exam hall. Otherwise the student will be responsible for the action taken against him.


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