Debit Cards For International Payments

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debit card

There are lots of Debit Cards in India but International Debit Cards are very few. All the banks in India does not provide the facility for International payments because of the change in currency. Know the best Debit Cards For International Payments. There are almost more than twenty five types of bank available in India. But few bank allows their customer to make payments globally.

For an Indian resident, it will be very much difficult to pay any international merchant if he/she don’t have the Visa Card or Master-card. One thing to remember that not all the banks’ debit card will allow you to make online transaction although those cards are International Cards. There are few bank does not allow their subscribers to make online payment in spite of having Visa or Master-Card. They can use their International card in purpose of money receiving from ATM when they are in a foreign country.

International Payments Usage Allow Bank Names

HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, State of Bank of India and Kotak Mahindra Bank allows their customer to make an International payment with Visa and Master-card. In case of RuPay Debit Card, none will be able to make International payments as it is only for India. Whenever the customer tries to make payment outside of India, the customer must be sure about the Debit card types. Otherwise the payment will not be successful.

No bank is actually best as all the bank will pay to your merchant but in case of their facilities State Bank of India is the best in India. This bank offers their subscribers different types of debit card for a very smooth hassle free transaction. They provides Global International card, Global Platinum card and many more to make an International payment. With these cards the customer can pay their merchant belonging to foreign country.

Why They Don’t Allow International Payment

Basically Reserve Bank of India does not allow all the bank to enable online transaction globally because of the money security. As you know only two cards are there that is Visa and Master-card for online transaction outside of India. Rupay card is there but it is not used as it is only for India.

If you are trying to make an International payment, use PayPal as payment method because PayPal accepts almost all the Visa and Master-card. What you have do? You just need to create a new PayPal account. Add your credit or debit card and add bank account details with PAN card number. After two or three business days PayPal will send you, two very small amount of money (such as 0.21 and 0.14). You have to put those amount in your PayPal account. After completing this process you will be verified by PayPal for an International payment.

When you have just created your PayPal account then you can check whether your debit card is eligible or not for an international payment. For checking eligibility you have to select payment methods and just fill your debit card details. After that PayPal will show you the result.


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