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Shikhar Dhawan Injury is Being Replaced by Rishav Pant


Shikhar Dhawan is injured due to his thumb fracture. The Indian team management is taking care of him. They said Dhawan will not be able to play for three weeks. Hence the coming matches will be without Shikar Dhawan.

Now Rishav Pant may replace the place of Shikhar Dhawan in Indian Cricket Team. BCCI still not confirmed it officially but it may happen. BCCI asked Rishav to fly England as soon as possible.

Also KL Rahul may be the opener batsman with Rohit Shrama. Rishav, Dinesh or Vijay may help the team in middle order. BCCI medical team will monitored the Shikhar Dhawan’s recovery.  

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Shikhar Dhawan is a golden player for India in case of ICC tournaments. In 2015 cricket world cup he scored two hundreds for team India. He is a great star player in a big tournament like ICC. He has 6 centuries in ICC tournaments. Hence ICC cricket without Dhawan is making India stressful.

On 9th June Sunday, team India was playing with Australia in World Cup. At the time of batting Shikhar Dhawan gets injured on his thumb with ball from Pat Cummins. Still he don’t stop playing. He scored a great helpful century for his National team.

After getting injured he was not even in field during the Indian bowling. Rabindra Jadeja was the substitute player for him. On 11th June Tuesday, the scan report of thumb reveals that it’s a facture. BCCI has confirmed that Shikhar Dhawan will stay in England with team. As soon as he gets recovered he will play for India.

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In 2019, he started world cup with very poor performance. After that he came back with smash up 117 runs with 109 balls. Shikhar Dhawan’s century makes the team more reliable. Also he got the man of match award for his expensive 117 runs for the team.

Top 10 Best Scholarship in West Bengal

top 10 scholarship
top 10 scholarship

Scholarship is a big interesting gift for the deserving candidates. Here is the list of top ten best scholarship in West Bengal. Know everything about Nabanna Scholarship, Bikash Bhavan Scholarship and Jindal Scholarship. Also know more scholarships here. Yes definitely these are top ten best scholarship in West Bengal.

Many students are getting more than 60% or 80% marks. Here is a list of scholarships according to the marks division.

Nabanna Scholarship

Nabanna Scholarship in West Bengal is very much popular. Also this scholarship is known as Chief Minister Relief Fund Scholarship. The scholarship is applicable for 10th and 12th standard.

Anyone having residential proof of West Bengal can apply for this scholarship. The 10th standard students securing more than 65% marks are eligible for this scholarship. Also the 12th standard students need to score more than 60% marks.

Eligibility Criteria

Total scholarship amount is ten thousand rupees. In case of an engineering student the amount may be more. Basically higher scholarship amount is given to the student who takes engineering or medical after 12th. The scholarship score range is more than 65% to less than 75%.

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If anyone having more than 75% marks will not be eligible for this scholarship. There is no last date. The applicant needs to collect all required testimonials to apply properly.

For more information you can watch the details video below for Nabanna Scholarship.

It is online and offline process. Still I’ll recommend you to go for offline process. There are lots of required testimonials. So if one of them you missed, you can add it later.

Click here to more about Nabanna Scholarship.

Application Process

Nabanna Scholarship needs MLA recommendation. The recommendation form will have signature and official seal of MLA. College or school admission receipt is also needful for the scholarship. Total amount of Nabanna scholarship is 10000 rupees.

Only honours students will get the Nabanna scholarship. Admission receipt means college admission or 11th class admission receipt is needful.

After submitting the application if money don’t reach to you within three months, visit Nabanna for a checking. The authority will verify again your application. If there are any issues they will tell you directly.

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Otherwise they may say to wait for few days or weeks. If you don’t visit Nabanna within 1 year of submitting your application, then your application may get rejected.

The Nabanna Authority will tell you to apply again. Hence it will very painful for any student. Therefore a good suggestion is to visit Nabanna after three months of submitting documents.

Bikash Bhavan Scholarship

Bikash Bhavan scholarship is for those students who have secured more than 75% marks. It is also for 10th and 12th standard. Anyone can apply online or offline. This scholarship is also known as Vivekananda Merit Cum Scholarship. Lots of students are getting this scholarship. Basically the 12th standard students are more in comparison.

Also this scholarship has no last date. It is necessary to apply with same academic year of passing. Otherwise the application may get rejected. The total amount of this scholarship is 12000 rupees.

Click here to know more about Bikash Bhavan Scholarship.

Jindal Scholarship

Sitaram Jindal Scholarship is of one the best scholarships in West Bengal. This scholarship is also known as Jindal Scholarship. It is very reputed scholarship in West Bengal.

Many students in West Bengal are getting the economical help with this scholarship. Actually this scholarship is for all the students in India.

After passing 10th standard or 12th standard anyone can apply for this scholarship. The basic requirement is 75% marks for boys. Also 70% marks needful for girls.

This scholarship is online based application process. The candidate can easily fill his/her details from home with an internet connection.

When you’re applying for the Jindal Scholarship keep ready all the required testimonials. You will get 500 rupees per month if your scholarship gets sanctioned. Suppose you are applying after passing 10th standard, you will get the 500 rupees per month in 11th standard.

Click here to know more about Jindal scholarship.

Also you will get more amount if you are physically handicapped. There is no last date for Jindal Scholarship. Application should be in passing academic year. That means if you passed in 2019 you should apply in 2019. Making your application late has no reason. Therefore apply for Jindal scholarship if you are eligible.

Needful Documents

Here is a complete list of all needful documents. These documents are very important for all the scholarship application process. Keep all the documents ready before submitting the application.

  • Original and Photocopy of all the marksheet and certificates
  • Family annual income certificate
  • Identity proof such as Aadhar card or Voter card
  • Admission Receipt
  • College or school identity card
  • Provisional certificate from school or college
  • MLA recommendation certificate
  • Self declaration form
  • Application form for Nabanna Scholarship and etc.

More Scholarships

Also there are few more scholarships available in West Bengal. These are HDFC Bank scholarship, Reliance Jio scholarship, Bigyani Kanya Medha Britti Scholarship and etc.

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So all the best for your career. Apply properly with the appropriate documents. Get the scholarship in your own bank account easily. Basically these three are the best and popular scholarship in West Bengal. Thank You!

How To Get The Govt Job in India Very Easily

government job
government job

Nowadays getting a Government Job is really very tough. The young generations are eagerly waiting for the Government Job. Some people get the Government Job through his own sources. Some people are getting the job through political source also. Few are getting the job by own source. People are confused about how to get the Govt job in India.

The bitter truth of India is the country has enormous number of jobless youth. It is totally wrong that the people are not capable of the Government job. In this article we will discuss how to get the Govt job in India at this time.

To be successful in any field you need to know the reason. Like that you should know why people of India are not getting Govt Job in majority. Actually there are lots of issues such as political issue, business issue or anything else. The population of India is really very high at this moment. 

Why People Are Not Getting Govt Job?

In the earlier time, India had very less number of educated people. Now it is totally has changed. The education percentage is rising day by day. Also the Govt Job competition is so high according to the educational qualifications. 10th and 12th standard results are making competition in college admission.

In few years back the highest score percentage was around 93% to 95%. This time the percentage has raise to 99.94%. The number students of getting more 80% marks are increased this time. Also the percentage of passing students is increased. Therefore the competition is increasing.

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In the recent year the Indian Railway give a notice to recruit people. You know Indian Railway is definitely own by central Government. It was a notice to recruit 1 lac people around the country. The number of submitted application was more 1.5 crore. So can you imagine for a single post how many applications were there? Just imagine the Government Job Competition.

How To Get The Govt Job?

You may pass 10thstabdard, 12th standard and also even graduation. So you will never wish to stay in home keeping your pocket empty. You need money to survive. So what to do? First of all check your qualification and apply for the relevant job. Keep checking all the Government job recruitments. Make a note of all applied jobs.

Nowadays all the applications process are online. Therefore keep all the details of username and password in your note. Otherwise you may forget to download the admit card after paying the application fees. It will just ruin your money if you do so.

Study the books of General Knowledge and current affairs. You can read these online also. There are lot of websites are available online. GKToday is one the best websites among them. Also you need to practice mathematics. Remember these are all basic mathematics. Yeah basic means 10th standard level. If you have great knowledge in 10th standard mathematics you can easily recapture it through your practices.  

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All the Government Job Notification comes very earlier. It is like 3 months to 6 months earlier. So if you are ready to prepare yourself during the time period, Go Ahead. Always remember, without proper practicing you can never win. Just because these are all OMR sheets type papers. You can check the latest job notification from different websites like IndGovtJobs.in, FreeJobAlert.com etc.

All the questions are in multiple choice format. Yeah definitely you can make your five assumptions are correct but not all. So getting five marks through only assumptions will not work to get a Government job. Therefore you need to prepare yourself completely to score big.

So after reading this article I think you are quite confident about how to get the Govt Job in India very easily. Thank You!

How To Get Job Through LinkedIn in Your City

linked in
linked in

Nowadays people are very deserving to have a job. No one prefers the empty pocket. Everyone needs a job for earning the money. People need to work to afford own bread and butter. In this we will know how to get job through LinkedIn. The job recruitment notification is also there.


Here LinkedIn is a great way to search job according to the location of the candidate. Basically LinkedIn is job searching social media. Lots of people are using the app nowadays. There have two platforms for recruiter and candidate.

In our daily life we are getting lot of job news from different sources. LinkedIn is one of them. It helps the candidate to find out the latest recruitment around the city. The walking interview date and company’s information can be obtained from the LinkedIn easily.

People having a smartphone can easily install the LinkedIn official app. They need to sign up first time. After signing up the candidate can fill his own details such as qualification and extra curriculum activities.


The details should be visible to public. So that the recruiter may reach you though email or phone call. Also you can add your friends to LinkedIn. You may find some of your friends who are already using it. You can send invitation to them. Therefore you can chat with those people in the app.

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The messaging part is a great advantage in this app. The candidate can easily chat with the recruiter for any quires related to the Job. So definitely the messaging feature is going to help you more extra to find your dream job in an easy effort.

There have four main menus such as Home, Jobs, Network and Profile. In home menu you will get the recent job opening in your city according to your preferences. In Job menu, all the running job openings will be shown to you. Network menu basically works according to your friend circle. It is like their company’s job openings opportunity.

Job Posting

Also you can post lot of job notification using the compose button in home tab. If you are running any business you can post job vacancy with job description according to your needs. The app will definitely help you to find the suitable employee for your business. This is called Job Posting in LinkedIn.

You can advertise your Job to lot of people with money. The advertisement will be shown to more people to make engagement with your post. You can easily check Job insights or analysis of your own advertisement. Also LinkedIn has premium feature to get more job notification in your own city. For using the LinkedIn premium feature you need to spend some money.

Group is also there in LinkedIn. So you can make group with the LinkedIn official app. You may get one month free premium feature for new sign up bonus.

Career Building

When you’re creating your LinkedIn profile never forget to add career interest. This is best for your dream job. It may not be your dream company. Still it can give your dream job as per career interest.

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Also the Government Jobs notifications are available in LinkedIn. There are lots of people who are working for you and adding new job notification in each minute.

You can download LinkedIn official app from Google Play Store. Also you can download LinkedIn lite app from Google Play Store. The LinkedIn lite app works quite slow because of its less memory. Still if your phone running with less amount of storage you can use it.


If are looking for the job in your own city I’ll recommend you to try LinkedIn at least once. Just you need to build your LinkedIn profile with expanding details. Also you can search more jobs outside of your city. The suitable salary package may attract you from a different city job.

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Also I’m repeating don’t forget to add career interest in your profile. It will really help you. In your LinkedIn profile always add your address details to get more advantage of getting a job in your locality. After reading the article I think you can how to get job through LinkedIn.

WB Government Job: Huge Vacancy Apply Now

wb govt job
wb govt job huge vacancy

The candidates are looking for a Govt Job can apply here easily. Applications are inviting from the eligible candidates for several posts. Here’s a complete description about the latest WB Government Job.

The appointment of the candidates will be in temporary basis but it is likely to make permanent. The fresher candidates may apply for village level entrepreneur. Therefore the candidates should follow the official website regularly for any updates.

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The candidates’ age should be more than 18 years and less than 40 years. The age limitation is fixed for all the posts. Also the age relaxation is there as per the WB Government Job rules and regulation.

The SC ST candidates will get more five years. OBC candidates will also get more three years to apply. Any physically handicap candidate can apply having age up to 45 years.

VLE 10th standard 10000

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate should be citizen of India.
  • The applicant must have the computer knowledge for particular post.
  • The candidate age should be in between 18 to 40 years.
  • Male and Female both can apply.
  • One candidate can apply for one post only.

The data entry post, the candidate has to be quick in typing with the computer. Also the candidate must have a computer certificate from a specific institution. The applicant for the accountant also need to have the basic knowledge of computer operation.

Application Process

The application process is totally offline for the candidates. The people need to fill the offline form and submit it to the office.

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Again the candidate need to remember that there will have only interview round for selection. Basically there are few steps for selection. There is no written exam for selection. Selection will be based on 10th standard marks and computer test.

All the notices related to this job can be obtained from the website mentioned above. So for further communication the candidate need to visit the official website regularly.

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After passing the written exam the candidates will be able to sit for the interview round. All the original documents are required in the time of interview.

Application Fees

There is no application fees. Application process is totally offline. Download the application form and apply immediately. Official notification is also attached with the application form. Candidates can also visit the recruitment page of the official website.

Important Information

The application process has started from 25th of July, 2019. The last date of application is 9th of July, 2019. Exam date will be informed later in the website. The candidate can follow www.hoogly.gov.in for any further updates.

Medicines Marketing Job For 10th to Graduate

medicine marketing
medicine marketing

A big recruitment is going on for 25165 vacancies. The recruitment will be from all the district of West Bengal. Fair Rate Dawa Limited, incorporated by the Government of India, is hiring candidates for medicines marketing and distribution. The company is aiming to spread their business to all over the India. Therefore the qualified candidates are requested to apply. It is a basically medicines marketing job.

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Total 25165 vacancies are there from all the posts. The 10th Standard pass candidate can also apply for several posts. Also there have more posts for upper education. As it is a medicine company so they will recruitment more candidates who have passed BPharm or DPharm. Total list of all the posts is given below.

Medical Representative 7768 10th Standard 18-35 Fresher 20000
Counter Sales 3288 10th Standard 18-35 Fresher 15000
Data Entry Operator 2192 Graduate 18-35 Fresher 16000
Cashier 1096 B.Com with Tally 21-38 2 Years 18000
Receptionist 1096 Graduate 18-35 Fresher 16000
Packing & Delivery Boy 1608 10th Standard 18-35 Fresher 12000
Driver 512 10th Standard 18-35 Fresher 12000
Peon/Security 2704 10th Standard 18-35 Fresher 11000
Accountant 1608 B.Com/CA/CMA 21-45 2 Years 20000
Direct Finance Retail 1096 B.Com/CA/CMA 21-45 2 Years 25000
Pharmacist/Direct Operation Retail 1096 D.Pharm/B.Pharm 21-45 1 Year 25000
CPI/Director Operation Bulk 512 D.Pharm/B.Pharm 21-45 1 Year 30000
Direct Finance Bulk 512 CA/CMA 21-45 1 Year 40000
Managing Director 64 B.Pharm & MBA 30-55 2 Years 50000
Chief Managing Director 8 B.Pharm & MBA 30-55 3 Years 62000
CEO 1 B.Pharm & MBA 30-55 5 Years 105000
Software Developer 4 B.Tech 30 2 Years Negotiable

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure will be based on Online MCQ test. Online-SSC will conduct the exam. It is Online Staff Selection Centre, constituted under Indian Trust Act 1982. Each and every candidate need to score well in the exam. Online exam date and procedure will be disclosed on 30th June 2019. The candidate has to score 50% to qualify for interview round. After passing the personal interview the recruitment process will begin. The candidate has to do the medicines marketing job. They should have little bit of knowledge about medicines marketing and distribution.

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Official NotificationClick Here
Apply Online NowClick Here

Needed Documents

The candidate must have an active mobile number and email ID to apply. The candidate needs to bring all the original documents such as Aadhar, Voter, PAN card and mark-sheets. The personal interview process also need the photocopy of each documents. No original or photocopy is require for online MCQ test. A candidate can apply more than one post. Online application websites are www.online-ssc.com or www.dawa25.com.

Best Web Hosting Services in India

web hosting
web hosting

To see your website online on internet you must have to use web hosting. There are lots of global companies offering web hosting for building a website. If you are looking for the best web hosting for website then this article may help you to choose the best hosting. In this article I will thoroughly discuss all the hosting plans available in India. Website hosting is a main factor for building a website. A good hosting service provider gives you the opportunity to make your websites available 24 hours. Sometimes the website server gets down. Hence the visitor can’t reach the web page. Therefore it is really required to choose the best web hosting for website. After all a website is build based on 24 hours running web server. So the website owner should choose the best hosting plan.

Types of Web Hosting

First of all the website owner needs to know which type of web hosting he should buy. There are different kinds of web hosting such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Actually shared hosting is best for entry level website hosting. If you are an experienced user then you can go with your choices. Virtual Private Server is quite costly compared to the shared hosting. There are lots of things to choose the best web hosting. For a low traffic website shared hosting is perfect. VPS hosting is needed for a high traffic website.

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost is best web hosting all over the globe. It has more than two millions active web hosting services. In recent few years the hosting giant Bluehost lunched in India. Many people are not aware of its services because of less advertisement. The best suggestion is to buy the best web hosting from Bluehost. It gives the 50GB space for your website in basic plan. Basically Bluehost has three types of web hosting pricing list. In the basic plan you can use up to twenty five sub-domains with your website. Also Bluehost offers you the standard performance and free SSL certificate in basic plan.

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Purchasing the basic plan from Bluehost you can use up to five custom email accounts (such as [email protected]). Bluehost basic plan gives you 100MB storage per email account. In basic plan the user are limited to access only one domain. Not only Bluehost but also all hosting provider allows only one domain in basic plan. Bluehost offers their customers to use unlimited domains and subdomains in premium plans. Also the customer can create unlimited custom email account. Click here to sign up on Bluehost and get a promocode easily.

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator is now a raising company in India serving a super quality hosting services. In 2012 the HostGator hosting company came in India and started their hosting business. HostGator has web server in India. For a best web hosting services it is necessary to have a web server in nearest location. As HostGator has their own server in India they are offering great services in web hosting. If looking for a best and fast web hosting in India then HostGator may satisfy you. WordPress also recommend this company for web hosting. It has local payment gateway.

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You can easily make your hosting transaction using PayTm, Debit Card, Credit Card or Internet Banking. Also you can use business emails or custom emails with the hosting services. HostGator has four different plans for web hosting. It gives the 10GB disk space for website in starter plan. Click here to sign up on HostGator and get up to 40% discount now on hosting plan.

ResellerClub Web Hosting

Nowadays the company name as ResellerClub is providing hosting in India. Actually this company has the cheapest hosting plan for the Indian user. ResellerClub offers their user to use unlimited business email accounts with their server. Also the user will get free SSL certificate for the website in even basic plan. The cpanel setup is also there for all the hosting plans. In basic plan of ResellerClub the users are bounded with a single domain. In case of Business plan the user can use up to three domains or websites according their needs.

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Also the company offers another premium plan where unlimited domains can be used. When you’re purchasing hosting never forget to choose your nearest server location. It will help your website to load faster. Sometimes the nearest server may cost you more. Always check the price before going to purchase. Click here to sign up and get discount up to 40% on hosting plan.

GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy is very popular for web hosting in India. Also it has very efficient plan for the Indian customer. The company is always trying fulfill the needs of the website owner. They have four hosting plans. The basic or starter plan gives the user to build a website with gaining the experience. Starter plan is best for you if you are the beginner. The company has hosting plan name as Deluxe. GoDaddy Deluxe plan is for unlimited websites with unlimited storage.

For an advanced user the Deluxe plan is perfect to use. Also the user can use unlimited business or custom email accounts with this plan. GoDaddy also has 24*7 customer support platform which very helpful for the beginner. At the initial days the beginner may face lot of problems like creating a new business email or enabling SSl certificate. Therefore GoDaddy helplines will definitely help you through phone call or chats.

These are the very popular and best web hosting companies in India right now. If you are going to purchase a new web hosting I will recommend you to go with BlueHost always. Now it is depend on you. After all its all your choice to select the best one. According to me BlueHost is the best web hosting service provider in all around the world. Sign up now in BlueHost and get special discount up to 40% on hosting plan.

SBI Recruitment is Going On – 2000 Vacancy

sbi recruitment
sbi recruitment

People are eager to get a government job nowadays. Here’s a great opportunity knocking the candidates. SBI recruitment is going on. A huge number of vacancies are coming out from India’s top leading bank. State Bank of India is going recruit 2000 probationary officers. Online application is running on the SBI official website. As we all know SBI is India Govt Undertaking therefore it is definitely a Govt job. The eligible candidates can apply easily to get the job.

There are categorised vacancies in all the post. Also age relaxation is there for SC ST OBC and PwD candidates. The vacancies for SC ST OBC EWS and General are 300, 150, 540, 200 and 810 respectively. The vacancies requirement may get increased or decreased. The SBI authority’s decision is final in all over the process of recruitment.

Selection Procedure

There will be two exams for selection process. The candidate has to pass the preliminary exam and main exam. In preliminary exam there will be questions on English, Aptitude and Reasoning. There will be thirty questions for English and (2*35) for Aptitude and Reasoning. Total preliminary exam will be of 100 marks. Total time limit is an hour. That means for each section the candidates will get 20 minutes. After passing preliminary exam the candidate needs to seat for main exam. The main exam will consists of 155 questions having 200 marks.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate should be graduate in any field. The final year or final semester students also can apply for this post. The applicant should not be less than 21 years or should not born after 01.04.1998. Also the age of the candidate should not be higher than 30 years. That means the candidate should born before 02.04.1989. The applicant age will be calculated as on 01.04.2019. The

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Exam Details

The exam will be all over the India. The preliminary exam will be held on 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th June 2019. The main exam will be held on 20th July 2019. The online exam will be there for preliminary and main exam. The exam will scheduling in lots of exam centre of India. In West Bengal the exam centres are in Asansol, Berhampur, Bardhaman, Durgapur, Hooghly, Howrah, Kalyani, Kolkata and Siliguri. The application fees is 750 rupees for general and OBC candidates. For SC ST candidates the application fees is 125 rupees only. The application process has started from 2nd April 2019.

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How To Apply?

The applicant needs to visit SBI official website. Check below to apply now. First of all the candidates have to scan the passport photograph and self signature. Reaching the website address the applicant have to fill all the information carefully. After successful submission, a registration number and password will be shown on the desktop screen. The candidate has to note down the registration number and password for login afterwards. The applicant can login and edit the information up to three times.

A quick overview of all important dates

Application Started on
Last Date For Applying
Last Date For Payment
Preliminary Exam
8,9,15,16 June
Main Exam
Apply Now
Click Here
Official Notification
Click Here

After all these things the candidates have to pay the application fees. The candidate can pay through debit card, credit card, Internet banking etc. After a successful payment the candidate can download the confirmation page of the application. The confirmation page will carry all the important information such as registration number and many more. The last date for applying to this job is 22.04.2019. Therefore don’t miss the chance. State of India is hiring 2000 freshers as probationary officers.

WB Govt Job – Eight Pass to Post Graduate Job

wb govt job eight pass
wb govt job eight pass

A notification has released from West Bengal University of Health Sciences. The university is inviting the application from the fresh candidates for WB Govt Job. Total sixteen posts are available in the university. In these posts from eight pass to post graduate candidate can apply. Definitely it is a government job from West Bengal Government. Therefore the interested students can apply through online. Application process is starting on 25th March onwards.

Posts and Salary

Different posts are available according to the educational qualifications in WB Govt Job. Also there have huge number of vacancies. So interested candidates can apply through online in the university website. There also have different posts as per categorised in caste division. Age relaxation is also there for SC ST and OBC candidates. Basically the age relaxation is three years for OBC and five years for SC ST candidates.

Different posts in the university – PA to Principal, Assistant Librarian, Senior Assistant, Head Clerk, Lower and Upper Division Clerk and Driver etc. According to the educational qualification the candidate will be recruited. Post Graduate, Graduate, Higher Secondary, Madhyamik and Eight pass students can apply online. Basically the application process is going on.

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According to the candidate qualifications the salary is there. For a post graduate candidate the salary is 40500 rupees basic pay. Also there have 25600 rupees salary for Madhyamik candidates. For a eight pass candidate the salary is 16200 rupees in basic pay. A graduate candidate salary is 37600 rupees as per WB government rules and regulations.

Number of reservation and number of vacancy may vary as per the university needs. All the posts are transferable in University’s different regions such as Kalyani, North Bengal and Salt Lake Headquarter. Candidates who are willing to apply for different posts need to fill up again. Also they need to pay again for a particular post. That means for a single post the applicant can apply at a time.

Application Fees

The application fees is 500 rupees per post. For more posts the applicant needs to pay more. Actually the application fees is 500 rupees only for unreserved category. For SC ST and OBC candidates need to pay 250 rupees as per application fees. So it is good opportunity for the SC ST and OBC candidates.

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The selection procedure is totally depends upon the University. Last date of online application is 15th April, 2019. After the exam the qualified students will be called for interview.

Anything wrong in the application may get rejected easily. The university decision is final from the first to last step of the recruitment. Download official notification from here to know more about the recruitment.

25 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home


25 Ways to earn money online from home. In this article we are going to discuss how to earn money online from home. We’ll discuss 25 effective ideas to earn money online. Yes, it’s all are online money making ideas. People want to earn but they fail to implement. They fail because of their lack of ideas.

They try few times after that they give up. Proper idea and proper implementation can change a small business into a large profit. Check out all the effective thoughts we have. Hope it will help you to earn money online from home.

Data Entry

Data Entry job is the biggest profitable job to earn money online from home. It does not need any experience. Just you have to fill up the data in a particular website or anywhere else. There are lots of websites offering to work with them. Those websites will pay you if the data is correct.

Otherwise you may loss your profit. Search for those websites on internet and work with them. Get paid when you finished the work. You can work from your home. You can make this job part time or full time as per your choice.

Online Teaching

If have knowledge in any field you can may get paid through online teaching. The website like Byjus, Extramarks and etc are hiring online teachers to teach the students. You can make a big amount of money if you started online teaching.

Once you have started the online teaching ideas you will find automatically. Definitely online teaching is big platform for any knowledgeable person. If have talent don’t hesitate. Get the websites on internet and enroll your name today for online teaching.

E-book Selling

There are lot of people who reads online. For those people they need E-book or document like pdf. You can make those documents in Microsoft word and convert it into pdf. After making a pdf you can sell it on internet. Find the needful books for the user. Make it an E-book. After  that publish your document or pdf on different websites from where you can get paid.

Instamojo is very useful website for this E-book selling purpose. You have register yourself. Also you can set price for your particular E-book. Whenever the people search for it on internet they will find it. You should showcase few pages of your E-book on the website where you are selling it. Therefore people may find helpful to buy.

Form Fill up

A large number of websites always finds people for form fill up job. You can easily get paid whenever you finished your target. The website will set your target. It is like if you do 500 form fill up you will get 200 rupees. The form fill up job is very easy to earn money online from home.

You have to fill up the candidate’s details like name, father name, address and etc. The website will give the demo how to fill up the forms. They will give you data to fill up. You have to just fill up the forms within the deadline. After that you will get paid for your work.


There are lot of freelancer earning money from home easily. Actually freelancing is a writing job. Freelancer writes different articles like engineering project, medical project, etc. They find the idea on internet to write on a particular topic. If you are interested to earn money through your writings you can do it.

If have writing skills then freelancing may be the easiest way to earn money online. First time you have to find out the freelancing website to start your job. Nerdy Turtlez is one of best website for freelancer. Register yourself on this website. After that get your job from your home and earn money.

Design Selling

If you have skills in fashion designing or jwellary designing you can sell it. There are lot of website are ready to invest huge amount for your designing. If have talent in this field never hesitate. Go ahead for designing selling online. Your design can make your bread and butter. Nowadays designing selling is a very profitable platform for designer.

You can sell your unique design to the different websites and get paid if they buy it. Remember one thing before going start the designing must be unique. The customer may negotiate in this field. If think your design is very much unique don’t let your customer to negotiate. Also the design should be different from others.

Photography Selling

If you are a photographer or you have huge photo collection you can sell it online. Different websites are on internet paying lot of money to the photo seller. Photography selling is big opportunity to turn your career in a great success.

A single great photo can give you up to ten million dollars. Depending upon your photo quality you will be paid. You can sell your photo from your home through internet. Photography selling is a great part time job for the students. If you are a student and you have the photo collection then go for it.


There are different companies in your city offers you to mail different people from your home. They give you recipient details. Sometimes also they give you the internet billings. You can find those companies by your own way and work for them. You have to just search for those companies in your area.

Once you got it you can start mailings. Also the company may pay you weekly. You should know how to write a professional mail. Sending mail to different people you can earn money online from home.

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Suggestion Selling

Exam suggestion selling is a best profitable idea to make money. You have to collect the important questions and answer for the particular exam. Make your suggestive document like pdf and sell it to the customer. How to sell it? You can sell this suggestion in very easy way. Go the website Instamojo and set your price.

The people will buy it if they find it is helpful. Remember one thing you should make really suggestive document. Otherwise the people will buy your document for first time only. In the second time they will not be interested to buy. You can any school exam, college exam or job exam suggestion document.

Interview Package

Interview package selling means all the stuff related to the interviewee. They want to know which type of question Interviewer may ask. Also they want to which to do, how to tackle any unknown question etc. If have this type knowledge you can create an E-book and sell it on the internet.

You can sell it to different websites according to your price. You can sell document or you can sell your advice video. This type document or video is really highly costly. Therefore if you make this type of video or document from your home you can earn money online from home.

Software Selling

Nowadays software selling is a highly profitable idea to earn money online. People are looking for the software developer or android app developer. If have these skills don’t hesitate start your business now. How to start? You can run your advertisements through Facebook or Google.

In this case you need money to run or promote your skills to the market. Once people know you are android app developer or software developer you will get your job. The first thing you need to promote your skills so that people can hire you. You can earn money by developing an android app from your home. Huge amount money you can earn if you have this skill.

Coding Selling

Different students and people are looking to solve their coding or programming problem. If have talent to solve the coding or programming you can help them. You should find people who need your coding. In this case you also can run your ads on different social media.

Also you can make your own E-book consists with coding and sell it on different website from you can get paid. Lots of websites are learning different coding or programming language like python they are hiring candidates like you. If you have coding or programming knowledge, go for it for a great future.

Coding Security

Coding security is a highly paid job in the world. More than nine billion websites are available on internet. All the websites based on coding. Therefore website security is highly required. Many reputed company hire people to make their website more secure.

This type of job you can do from your home. You need to have the skill to perform the job. Remember one thing this job is highly confidential. You don’t have the permission to make changes any other website which is not yours. It is illegal and you may arrest for doing this. If have the permission then only you can proceed.

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Craft Selling

Craft Selling is great idea to make your online career. If you can make craft then it is really profitable for you. Otherwise you need to buy the craft from the market to sell it online.

You can sell those craft to the reputed e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart etc. Yes, it is also online business to earn money from your home. Once your business gets ready then nothing to look behind. Just make craft and sell it online.

Online Survey

Many people are making money from online survey. It is a very flexible job. Various companies are finding people to recruit in this particular post. The company needs the feedback from the customer. You have to make the survey with the customer feedback.

Basically the product selling company makes this survey to know the customer feedback. You just need to collect the feedback. It is really a very flexible way to earn money online from home.


Blogging is great career option nowadays. If you are looking for an online money making idea it’s going to help you. Blogging is like a website where you can share your ideas with people. You can make your own website through Blogger or WordPress. Both will give you flexibility but WordPress has more feature.

You will not be able to earn money in very first day. Your earning will rise gradually. You can use different ads platform to earn money from your website. Lots of people are searching for different types of questions. You can choose those questions to make your blog post.

Captcha Creating

Captcha creating or solving is also a money making process. You have to visit various famous website bottom section. In bottom section you will find career or recruitment. You have to click on that option.

After clicking on you need to fill up your details. Choose your role from the job position. Don’t forget to check Captcha solving or creating in the job position. Few websites don’t keep this job position. Always check that before applying.

Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online from home. Affiliate marketing is very easy to implement. Visit reputed website like Amazon, ThemeForest, GoDaddy, HostGator, BigRock etc for affiliate program.

In all these website go to bottom section and find affiliate program. Register yourself as a new affiliate marketing client. Share your affiliate marketing link with different sources. Huge amount of money you can earn from your home.

Virtual Assistant

There lots of websites on Internet are finding their virtual assistant. What virtual assistant does? They reply to the customer solving their issues. The company will provide you the guide to solve anything.

You need to chat with the customer and discover the solution. You can do this job from you as well. It may be your part time job to earn money online from home. Once you get paid you will find interesting this job.

Website Making

If you know how to make a website then it is very easy to earn money online. You can make the website in terms of money for the people. For doing this you need to advertise your skill in any way.

Once you have done that just take your payment. Website ranking is also a money making idea. Few people makes their website but they fail to rank it in search engine. You can help them by sharing your valuable tips to rank the website.

Domain Selling

Domain selling is very big idea to earn money online from home. You need to buy several great domain names. After that just sell those domains. You can set selling price according to your choice.

The easy to remember domain names get higher preferences. First of all research on domain names and buy from GoDaddy or any other platform. Then sell it to the customer in a particular website.

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Nowadays all of us using are Facebook. Facebook may give lots of money through promotion. If you have a Facebook page then it is a great opportunity for you. You can promote any new website, movie, song etc through your Facebook page. For that promotion you need charged people in terms of money. Depending upon your Facebook page likes you can demand your promotional price.

Training and Consultancy

If have knowledge in any particular field you can train people. Then people can learn from you through your paid videos or notes. Also you can help your students through Whatsapp or Facebook chatting. You should remember everything should be paid. Once a legend has said “If you are good at something, don’t do it for free”. Also you can set different time batch for large number of students.

Instructed Telecaller

Instructed online telecaller works with people to share the solution. The people call the person and tell their problem. The person makes the change in the system. Also sometimes the person tells the customer how to fix it. In this way you can earn money online from home.

This job is also online basis job. You no need to go anywhere to work. You can simply work from your work. In the first time you need to find out those companies in your city to get that job. Also you can find on Internet.

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These are 25 easy way to earn money online from home. Choose any job from the above list and stay stick with it. Never give up any job within a short interval. Wait for few times to get the big success in your job. Hope you find this article helpful.