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web hosting

To see your website online on internet you must have to use web hosting. There are lots of global companies offering web hosting for building a website. If you are looking for the best web hosting for website then this article may help you to choose the best hosting. In this article I will thoroughly discuss all the hosting plans available in India. Website hosting is a main factor for building a website. A good hosting service provider gives you the opportunity to make your websites available 24 hours. Sometimes the website server gets down. Hence the visitor can’t reach the web page. Therefore it is really required to choose the best web hosting for website. After all a website is build based on 24 hours running web server. So the website owner should choose the best hosting plan.

Types of Web Hosting

First of all the website owner needs to know which type of web hosting he should buy. There are different kinds of web hosting such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Actually shared hosting is best for entry level website hosting. If you are an experienced user then you can go with your choices. Virtual Private Server is quite costly compared to the shared hosting. There are lots of things to choose the best web hosting. For a low traffic website shared hosting is perfect. VPS hosting is needed for a high traffic website.

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost is best web hosting all over the globe. It has more than two millions active web hosting services. In recent few years the hosting giant Bluehost lunched in India. Many people are not aware of its services because of less advertisement. The best suggestion is to buy the best web hosting from Bluehost. It gives the 50GB space for your website in basic plan. Basically Bluehost has three types of web hosting pricing list. In the basic plan you can use up to twenty five sub-domains with your website. Also Bluehost offers you the standard performance and free SSL certificate in basic plan.

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Purchasing the basic plan from Bluehost you can use up to five custom email accounts (such as [email protected]). Bluehost basic plan gives you 100MB storage per email account. In basic plan the user are limited to access only one domain. Not only Bluehost but also all hosting provider allows only one domain in basic plan. Bluehost offers their customers to use unlimited domains and subdomains in premium plans. Also the customer can create unlimited custom email account. Click here to sign up on Bluehost and get a promocode easily.

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator is now a raising company in India serving a super quality hosting services. In 2012 the HostGator hosting company came in India and started their hosting business. HostGator has web server in India. For a best web hosting services it is necessary to have a web server in nearest location. As HostGator has their own server in India they are offering great services in web hosting. If looking for a best and fast web hosting in India then HostGator may satisfy you. WordPress also recommend this company for web hosting. It has local payment gateway.

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You can easily make your hosting transaction using PayTm, Debit Card, Credit Card or Internet Banking. Also you can use business emails or custom emails with the hosting services. HostGator has four different plans for web hosting. It gives the 10GB disk space for website in starter plan. Click here to sign up on HostGator and get up to 40% discount now on hosting plan.

ResellerClub Web Hosting

Nowadays the company name as ResellerClub is providing hosting in India. Actually this company has the cheapest hosting plan for the Indian user. ResellerClub offers their user to use unlimited business email accounts with their server. Also the user will get free SSL certificate for the website in even basic plan. The cpanel setup is also there for all the hosting plans. In basic plan of ResellerClub the users are bounded with a single domain. In case of Business plan the user can use up to three domains or websites according their needs.

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Also the company offers another premium plan where unlimited domains can be used. When you’re purchasing hosting never forget to choose your nearest server location. It will help your website to load faster. Sometimes the nearest server may cost you more. Always check the price before going to purchase. Click here to sign up and get discount up to 40% on hosting plan.

GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy is very popular for web hosting in India. Also it has very efficient plan for the Indian customer. The company is always trying fulfill the needs of the website owner. They have four hosting plans. The basic or starter plan gives the user to build a website with gaining the experience. Starter plan is best for you if you are the beginner. The company has hosting plan name as Deluxe. GoDaddy Deluxe plan is for unlimited websites with unlimited storage.

For an advanced user the Deluxe plan is perfect to use. Also the user can use unlimited business or custom email accounts with this plan. GoDaddy also has 24*7 customer support platform which very helpful for the beginner. At the initial days the beginner may face lot of problems like creating a new business email or enabling SSl certificate. Therefore GoDaddy helplines will definitely help you through phone call or chats.

These are the very popular and best web hosting companies in India right now. If you are going to purchase a new web hosting I will recommend you to go with BlueHost always. Now it is depend on you. After all its all your choice to select the best one. According to me BlueHost is the best web hosting service provider in all around the world. Sign up now in BlueHost and get special discount up to 40% on hosting plan.



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