Top 5 Best Learning App For Students in India

learning apps
learning apps

There are lots of scope to learn anything in the world. Nowadays learning with the smartphone is very easier and interesting too. Different android apps are available in the android play store. Which one to choose and which one to neglect. Its very difficult. Therefore here is the list with features of top 5 best learning apps in India.

BYJUS Learning App

In recent few years BYJUS becomes very much popular in India. BYJUS is a learning app on Android or Iphone. This app is totally for learning purpose. Installing this app anyone can be understood the learning. King Khan or Shah Rukh Khan is the brand ambassador of BYJUS. The learning facilities they provides is really very different.

Using modern technology they learns their students. There are different kinds of video tutorials for understanding. The video tutorials are mainly used to understand the topic. An IAS or IPS aspirant can be helpful with the BYJUS. BYJUS is not free learning app. You have to pay to access this app. Also its really true that BYJUS the learning app is money worthy.

Extramarks Learning App

Extramarks is also another great platform for learning. It also offers you to learn the topics from your smartphone. Extramarks have their own learning app like BYJUS. Actually Extramarks is not so popular as BYJUS. They target the correct people who wants to learn. Someone who is going to sit for the Board Exam or Competitive Exam, they target them. They get the students data from the different sources.

Also its really a good app to learn the lesson online. In today’s world no one is happy to go for a tuition in long distance. The long distance tuition takes time and effort. This facility saves the time and effort.

U Dictionary Mobile App

U Dictionary is a dictionary app for the people. Its really very simple and amazing. Anyone who have problem with English they can easily find out the meaning. The app also has a great functionality. It can detect the writings of book, wall, notebook and translate into different languages. U Dictionary is a great choice for the students of weak English efficiency.

Unacademy Learning App

Unacademy is an excellent platform for the students. This app is raising the base of the students. Each and every single question’s answer is findable in this app. Different reputed college professors, teachers and students are learning from this app. There are lots of famous faculties to learn you the topics through this learning app.

Anything anytime can be asked with Unacademy. The app is making their database full of answer and question.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a great app for learning foreign language. If you interested to know more language rather your country language then you can use it. Google translate will help you to translate any language to the selected language. You to say what you want to translate. Also you have to choose in which language you want the translation.

Anyone who does not have the language efficiency at all he also can use it. This app really helps to learn a foreign language in very way.


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