Top 5 Must Have Android Apps For Bloggers

android app for bloggers
android app for bloggers

Nowadays most of the people are using Android phone. Also few are using iPhone or Windows phone. But the popularity of android doesn’t match any other platform.  The android store that is Google play store makes the user helpful. Here is a complete list of top 5 must have android apps for bloggers. These apps will definitely help you in your blogging field.

Google Assistance

This app will you to write your blog post very faster. Whenever you are writing the blog post use Google assistance. Just say from your mouth using Google assistance. It will convert your mouth words to written words. Yes it works fine for bloggers and freelancers as well. If your blog is in English then it’s really helpful for you. If your blog is not in English then it may not help you.

Google Translate

This app will help you to write your blog posts in a different language rather than English. Using Google Translate you can easily write your blog post in any language. Google gives update to this app in a regular basis. It has really appreciated features. This app supports more than thirty-five languages to translate. Just the say the language you know in front of Google translate. It will translate your language to the selected language. You should remember your phone must be connected with the Internet while you are translating. This app uses internet to translate the language.


If you are a blogger then blogger is your very needful app. It is really disturbing to write blog post on computer each time. Using this blogger app you can easily write your blog posts from your smartphone. Also you can set labels or tags. You can updates your writings with this blogger app. This app is very lite in size but works fine. It will fulfil your demand to write your blog posts. This app won’t let you publish the blog posts defining the permalink. To publish your blog posts you should use computer. Using the blogger app you can save writings in draft. From that draft you can publish the article defining the permalink.

Google Adsense

If your blog website is associated with the Google adsense then this app will help you. Using the Google adsense app you can check impressions, click through rate and many other things. Therefore this app is very useful for those adsense approved blogger.

Pixel Lab or Any Photo Editing App

Using Pixel Lab the bloggers can edit the photos easily. Pixel lab gives the opportunity to make new images as per requirement. It has different options to make your blog post images descriptive. Also you can use any different android application for making images. You cam save the images in higher pixels.

These are most effective android apps for a blogger. Use these app to upgrade your blogging experience. Also there are few android apps which may help you but those are pre-installed. You can use Google chrome to view your website blog posts. Also it is pre-installed in your smartphone. You have to just update the app when it gets backdated.


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